Advance Office Designs carries all types of Office Seating. Global, Hon, Allseating, Stylex, Whitehall and Herman Miller are some of the manufacturers whose lines we sell.

We have Executive seating for management personnel. High backs and head rests make these extremely comfortable chairs.

Ergonomic seating is perfect for the worker with back problems. These chairs are equipped with lumbar support, tilt seat controls and adjustable arms.

Task seating, where intensive computer work is a regular workplace chore, can also have some of the optional features of ergonomic seating.

Training room seating can come with or without casters and arms and is made sturdy and comfortable for long term lectures and seminars. These chairs are made with sleek and streamlined styling in order to seat many people comfortably in a setting.

Folding and Stack seating for congregations and schools is space saving. We carry polypropelene, steel and wood chairs. We also can supply dollies for storing your chairs away.

All of our seating is available in vinyl, fabric, mesh and leather upholstery. We also have healthcare materials for hospital and nursing Home settings. There are hundreds of fabric colors and patterns to choose from.